BBBEE Strategy

Roytec Global understands its responsibility, as a corporate citizen, towards the local community, the natural environment in which our activities take place and the principle of Úbuntu/Emuthu”.

Roytec as a global business for governance and economic reasons has taken the decision to upskill our local subsidiary, Setchem, as opposed to the transformation of the entire Roytec Group, which would be unattainable, to meet our BBBEE strategic objectives.

Setchem, with a BBBEE compliance of level 2, is being developed into an enterprise capable of the design, manufacture and construction of equipment and plant to the extent necessary to fulfil our BBBEE strategy. The required skills are being transferred to develop an enterprise capable equipment and plant supply and construction in addition to its core business of flocculant and coagulants supply to mining and minerals processing customers.

This transformation involves the development of a team of chemical engineers and metallurgists to build core competency in liquid-solid separation equipment including laboratory and pilot test work, R & D, equipment selection, sizing, specification and process design for thickening, clarification and filtration applications.

Roytec Global will work hand in hand with Setchem in accordance the transfer pricing policy that governs pricing of services and goods exchanged between the companies in the Roytec group..